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    I want to reinstall Windows 10 Pro (clean install) on my 2 in 1 tablet because its becoming very slow.
    1. If I do a backup and after the clean install I restore (the backup), will it be the same as if I had kept it the way it was (slow; without taking into account the components itself: wear and tear the parts may have and inability of them to process information fast) or will only the files I want be restored (for instance, everything but the files that are kept when someone installs some program and then uninstalls it)?
    2. What are the ways I can do a clean install? Which one is the best (and easiest)?
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    I guess it depends what is causing the slowness. Could be
    • Under powered hardware or not enough hardware resources
    • Malware
    • Corruption in the operating system
    • To many programs running
    • Hardware defect (heating issue, memory or hard drive)
    If it's anything hardware it probably won't help but if it is the OS, software or malware then yeah it would probably help.

    As for the install you can simply download the ISO and burn it to a DVD or use Rufus - Create bootable USB drives the easy way to create a bootble usb and install
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    If you use the microsoft backup then the most likly result is that the restore will fail however if you use a 3rd party image backup software like Acronis or something simular then yes you will get back to where you were before... activated, programs installed and whatever issues/ bugs you started with.

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