InstallShield not working


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When I try to install programs using InstallShield, my screen turns green for a split second and then the install stops.

Is anyone familiar with this problem?


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Well, you can tell how dumb I am since I don't even know what install shield is!!

Is that something your installed ;)


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Whenever you install a program on your PC, a little box pops up that says, "installshield willl now guide you through the rest of the setup process." On my computer that box pops up, but then the screen turns green and installshield closes. So I can't install anything.
Now, I like what I've seen so far on Win 7, but if I can't find any help for this question, (I can find no way to contact Microsofts customer support) I'll have to downgrade to XP.


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That's very strange.

Have you tried Run as Administrator


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Does this happen with just one program or several? How old is this program?

Have you tried finding the setup.exe file and running it as admin, as was suggested, or in a compatibility mode?

InstallShield 2008

I have a problem that occurred only in some Win 7 Ultimate systems.
In my setup is suppose (among others) to copy files to the "Program Files" & "System32" directories.
The problem occurred when the setup try to copy files to the "System32" directory.
The install shield raise this error message box:
"Error 1926. Could not set file security for file C:\Windows\system32\, Error: 0. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to modify the security permissions for this file. "

I run the setup "As Administrator", run it when logged on as the user administrator, and still get this error every time I ran the setup.

As I write in the beginning this is only happens in some Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit system, on other system (xp, server 2003,vista,server 2008 including on most win 7 systems) it works fine.

I'm compiling the setup with InstallShield 2008 - Professional

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