Integrating 34 Language Packs In Windows 7 All In One ISO. is it possible?


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I have All In One Windows 7 ISO in English. (11 Versions: Starter To Enterprise X86, And Home Basic To Enterprise X64) I would like to have a choice between 35 languages from the installation... how can I integrate the language packs to all of the versions automatically?

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It may be possible using a tool called vLite.
Caution this app was made for vista, and not completely compatible with Windows 7, so I suggest you attempt to integrate the language packs only.
Vlite - Home Page - Windows Help Site

Also in the future, please refrain from posting multiple threads regarding the same issue. Thanks :)


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my internet lagged.. sorry :(
vlite got two options: to rebuild only selected image, or to rebuild all. if i rebuild all it`s not going to work because X64 windows need X64 language packs and X86 need X86 language packs...
any tool that can do the job in one run? i`m not going to add 34 language packs to each version one at a time
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