Integrating 34 Language Packs In Windows 7 All In One ISO. is it possible?

I have All In One Windows 7 ISO in English. (11 Versions: Starter To Enterprise X86, And Home Basic To Enterprise X64) I would like to have a choice between 35 languages from the installation... how can I integrate the language packs to all of the versions automatically?

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It may be possible using a tool called vLite.
Caution this app was made for vista, and not completely compatible with Windows 7, so I suggest you attempt to integrate the language packs only.
Vlite - Home Page - Windows Help Site

Also in the future, please refrain from posting multiple threads regarding the same issue. Thanks :)

my internet lagged.. sorry :(
vlite got two options: to rebuild only selected image, or to rebuild all. if i rebuild all it`s not going to work because X64 windows need X64 language packs and X86 need X86 language packs...
any tool that can do the job in one run? i`m not going to add 34 language packs to each version one at a time

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My mistake..
I'm really not sure. You could try the WAIK (Windows Automated Installation Kit), though I've never used it so I couldn't tell you where to start with it.
Download details: Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK)

What do you mean by rebuild all won't work? You should have the correct language packs, yes?

it wont work cause file architecture does not match windows versions architecture

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Is there a download available for the 64-bit packages?

Yes. i have X86 and X64 on my hard drive.

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