intel 1030n does not reconnect to wireless network after hibernation

Windows 7 XPS laptop. Connects to the wireless network just fine. However, when I suspend or put the laptop into hibernation it never reconnects. I take the lpatop out of hibernation and it shows a red x through the network icon. I have to try and manually reconnect, and then I just get the spinning blue thing over the network connections without it ever reconnecting. I problem. I have a bunch of otehr PC's and devices on my home network. I have tried 2 different routers, same problem. None of the other laptops on the network have this problem. This laptop did not have this problem last month. Nothing changed. Hoe do I start de-bugging this

first thing I tried but no joy. Thanks though


Noob Whisperer
Try Device Manger
Expand network connection, right click on the wireless adapter and choose properties
Check the Power Management tab and uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
See if that has the negative effect of preventing your computer from entering any power saving states. Not sure but it might be worth testing.
Additionally check under the Advanced Tab and examine any settings that have "Wake On" as a condition in the "Properties" column and experiment with different values enable / disable.
Good luck and keep us posted. Always interested to see if these power state issues can be resolved and how. These types of energy saving issues are never easy to solve. They can be anything from the Laptop Mfg's own power utility conflicting with Windows 7''s native power configuration, to something called C-states or C-modes in the BIOS utility, on Intel boards, which I usually suggest disabling or turning off. They can also be related in certain instances to systems temps which may or may not be related to overclocking of CPU, Memory or Graphics.
I suggest you familiarize yourself with the native windows power options as well as the Powercfg utility and see if it reveals any helpful information. The links below may prove useful.
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will do unticked Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. no "wake on power" for this adapter. I had the latest driver from Intel. I then went to Dells site, and they have the earlier version of the driver as the latest version. Maybe there are problems with the newer driver so I rolled it back. I'll keep you posted



Noob Whisperer
Thanks. As I have said I would love to here how you are progressing and if an actual solution is ultimately arrived at, please post it here and update your thread with that information.

different but not better. Now it sees the network, but reports limited connectivity (yellow asterisk). However, I have weird workaround. I open an office doc, tell the computer to shut down. When Windows offers the force Shut down window, I hit cancel, and the network connects. strange


Noob Whisperer
Yes that is a bit weird. I can only think that it might be polling or enumerating potential locations to save the document and wakes up the network.
Wonder if simply opening up "Computer" and then selecting "Network" in the left column (Navigation Pane) would accomplish the same thing?

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