Windows 7 Intel 845gvsr Board Drivers for Windows 7, Why Not Support?


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Mar 6, 2009
I'm downloaded windows7 and installed. After installation, i remembered that their is not availabled drivers for this intel 845gvsr board. Why? Is Microsoft is Stupid Company? Nonsense Company? I request microsoft that please just give us drivers for intel 845gvsr board? ....
]Nonsese! Developed a large window and don't know what must do?

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If you're looking for graphics drivers, the reason they don't have drivers is because your integrated graphics won't run Windows 7 well. Same goes for Vista. As for chipset and other motherboard drivers, you use Windows Vista's drivers if they're available. If not, use XP's. Either way, the OS isn't complete yet so there are very few Windows 7 Drivers.