Intel 915gm Video Problems - System Lock not video stutter

I know there are a lot of topics on this already, but mine isn't anything I have seen. I have a Toshiba Satellite M45. It has the 915 chipset. as soon as the windows update version runs. The Computer will not boot up,. it locks at the windows shwoosh part of the boot. any ideas or has any one had this happen to them?

ok sorry but a quick update. it seems to be connected to the Wireless card. if i install both updates it locks up. either one is fine, but not both


Noob Whisperer
You probably want to resist acquiring hardware driver updates from the Windows Update utitlity. You are much better off acquiring those driver from you laptop vendor's website, or the actual hardware device manufacturer's website.
Change the default settings by typing
advanced system settings into the search box and selecting it at the top of the results
choose the "Hardware" tab
select the device installation button
select the "No, let me choose what to do" radio button
and then select the "Never install driver software from Windows Update".
Hope this helps.

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