Windows 7 Intel Anti Theft Technology

Greetings all,

I bought a new asus notebook a few months ago, and I have been having problems with it ever since I got it. I was first having bluescreen issues. Then the computer randomly shut down, and would not power back on. So I returned the notebook to asus. They gave me a new motherboard. I was still having bluescreen issues, so I post my bluescreen problems in the BSOD forum, and I think I fixed my bluescreen issues, but my computer was still struggling to exit sleep mode effectively.

In any case, yesterday I had to go on a business trip. I had to open my computer to show something. My computer turned on for maybe 30 seconds, and then the screen shut off, and I havent been able to turn it on since. This is pretty similar to what happened the first time I was unable to turn my computer on.

As you can see, this asus has been a disastrous purchase. This could be a hardware issue, and this could be a software issue. However, I just remembered my computer has Intel AT technolgy, and I did notice Intel AT software startup, although it honestly didnt look like it was working properly. I checked out the Intel AT taskbar icon and it was supposed to give me some brief system information, yet "unavailable" showed up under all the categories. Idk, does that mean it's working or not lol.

In any case, I am in the process of returning my computer today when I realized I have Intel AT, so I have a few questions before I send it back to ASUS:

1.) Do I need to somehow activate Intel AT technology before I can use it? If Intel AT technology is what is cluster****ing my computer, everything was left on the default settings, and I did not register anything.
2.) How do I unlock my computer :( I promise, I have not stolen someones computer :p
3.) I haven't able to find a whole lot of information about this technology except for what Intel has disclosed. Maybe there is another source of information out there? What do you guys know about it? I have read texts that have said it disables based on login attempts, remote disable via sms, and possibly (unconfirmed) location if outside a region.
4.) I don't have a login on my computer. yeah yeah I know :p. But, let's assume Intel AT Technology does disable computers that it thinks maybe stolen based on location. HOW IS THAT USEFUL IN A LAPTOP? NOTEBOOKS ARE MOBILE DEVICES!!:mad:

Let me know, thanks for your time.

It would be so convenient if this was the issue with my notebook, if unlocking my computer and uninstalling this 'service' is all I have to do today, I will be a happy man.

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