Windows 7 Intel Graphics Driver problem


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Apr 10, 2009

I installed windows 7 last night on a laptop that had XP on it. It installed just fne with just a few problems. I managed to get audio and wireless working again but having big problems with graphics. It is a widescreen laptop with 1280x800 Intel 910GM/915GML driver, However, I cannot find a proper Vista one and stays at 1024x768. The Windows keep reinstalling the driver on each startup and then tries to restart.

Any ideas where to download the vista driver? I keep getting a utility download on Intels site.
Sorry to have to tell you this, But there is NO vista drivers for the 910/915 chipset... In vista, the XPDM drivers are used (xp drivers) So your best bet would be to try the XP drivers

Thanks for the reply.

I am using XP ones atm but don't know if they are the same as the XPDM ones. They are dating from 2005.

It is strange as the drivers get installed succesfully and I get 1280x800 resolution but a restart or turning the laptop off makes the drivers get installed again (and not always succesfully). The drivers turn into standard pnp drivers running at 800x600/1024x768. If I use sleep or hibernation then the drivers stay running ok at the right resolution.
Yes, any XP driver is considered XPDM, I also had the constant driver problems with my old Intel 82525? chipset.

Try installing the driver, Then rebooting and keep tapping F8 and A menu will appear, Select "Disable Driver Signing Enforcement" (or something very similar to that) then press enter, see if that fixes the problem, if it does post back so I can tell you how to make it always disable driver signing enforcement

I haven't got the laptop on now but will tomorrow.

Not sure what I did but I have had 7 restarts and 3 power offs and it has retained the resolutions settings. It is still doing some sort of driver install though as a driver installation box comes up with a white centre and is empty. I just pressed ok and it went away.

I will try F8 tomorrow and see what it saids.

I decided to try it now. It didn't make any difference with the F8. It still kept the resolution and the empty driver installtion wizard box came up again.
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win 7 intel 915 driver solved

Official windows 7 driver for 915 chipset is at Windows Update Catalog.
Use this one, forget tricks and unofficial things.

Navigate with IE8 to here

Microsoft Update Catalog

and install plugin. Then type Intel Intel 915GM

Then go to device manager, update driver, Select the option to "Search for Drivers on my Computer" and point it to where you downloaded the file. Then "Manually Select a Driver" Finally Select Display Adapters and the 915 Driver is there

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