Intel man claims he can stop BP oil spill

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    Fill the well with unused Larrabees

    A man who makes a living selling chips for Intel has come up with a cunning plan which he thinks can stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

    Steven Laughlin has devised a plan to "plug the hole" of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. However he is a little surprised that BP seems uninterested in calling him.

    Laughlin is a semiconductor field service engineer who does vendor work for Intel.

    His plan involves dropping a locking collar that goes over the open pipe that has a steel insert that would be driven into the pipe by the use of a ratcheting system.

    According to his local newspaper, the Rio Rancho, the steel insert, resembling a spike, starts out narrow at the end and reaches the diameter of the open pipe on the other, complete with series of brass seals that would seal off the leak.

    Laughlin said that his plan works because the steel insert or "plug" starts narrow and then gradually increases in girth is critical to the plan.

    If it was flat, he said it would blow up and his design of the insert takes advantage of the pressures found deep underwater.

    The steel spike would be guided into the pipe using jacking screws and mounted by a reduction gear system that would seal the spike into place inside the pipe.

    Apparently he got the idea about how to save the planet two weeks ago and was up until 4 a.m. drawing designs.

    However he said that he can't get anyone to take his designs seriously.

    Laughlin admits the fact that he is not an civil engineer and selling chips for Intel might stand against him, but plans should be judged on their merit and not his background. Laughlin said using his plans, BP could shut the flow of oil off within two weeks.

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    Vey interesting post . Will be good to see if there are any takers for the plan

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