Intel to Launch New CPUs in 3Q10 - Core i7-970 and Core i5-760

Intel to Launch New CPUs in 3Q10 - Core i7-970 and Core i5-760

Digitimes says that Intel plans to launch several new desktop processors in the third quarter of 2010 to replace some previous models, and that the chip giant will also reduce some CPU prices to boost demand. They are basing all their thoughts from sources inside motherboard makers, but it doesn't seem too far fetched.

In mid-July, will launch three processors including the six-core Core i7-970, priced at US$885; quad-core Core i5-760 with core frequencies of 2.8GHz and priced at US$205; and quad-core Core i5-870S for small form factor PCs and priced at US$351. All prices are in thousand-unit tray quantities. Intel will launch the Pentium E5700 for US$75 in early August and Core i3-560, Pentium E6800 and Celeron E3500 at the end of the month with prices of US$138, US$86 and US$53, respectively. At the end of August, Intel will also reduce its quad-core Core i7-950's price from US$562 to US$294. For mid-July, Intel will reduce its Core i3-540, Pentium E6600 and Pentium E5500 CPU prices from US$133, US$84 and US$75 to US$117, US$75 and US$64, respectively. In mid-October, Intel will cut the Core i3-550, Pentium E6700 and Pentium E5700 from US$138, US$86 and US$75 to US$117, US$75 and US$64, respectively, while the entry-level Celeron E3400 will also see its price drop from US$53 to US$42 at the same time.


Core i7 970

3,2 Ghz
130 W


0.032 micron High-K metal gate process
1170 million transistors

263 mm2

64 bit

6 cores

Integrated FPU

L1: 6 x 32 KB instruction caches
6 x 32 KB data caches

L2: 6 x 256 KB

L3: 12 MB

Instruction sets: MMX SSE 1-4.2 Supplemental SSE3 AES EM64T NXbit Hyper-Threading Virtualization Turbo Boost

Integrated 3-channel DDR3 SDRAM Memory controller (DDR3-1066 memory) & Quick Path Interconnect


Core i5 760

2,8 Ghz

95 W


0.045 micron

64 bit

4 cores

64 bit

Integrated FPU

L1 Cache: 4 x 32 KB instruction caches
4 x 32 KB data caches

L2: 4 x 256 KB

L3: 8 MB shared cache

Instructions: MMX SSE 1-4.2 Supplementary SSE3 EM64T Virtualization NXbit Turbo Boost Speedstep

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