Windows 7 Intel wifi link 5100 agn problems


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Jan 11, 2009
I have an Asus g50vt-x2 and installed 7000.

From the end of the installation Windows recognizes the networks nearby. However, I can not connect to my home network. It tells me to reset my router or just my adaptor.

I have downloaded the vista drivers from Intel and tried those, but same luck. I would love to be able to connect. It is odd, first time I have ever seen a wifi driver issue where it sees networks, just won't let you connect.

Oh, sometimes it asks me to retype the passkey, even though it is correct. Sometimes not.



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Feb 7, 2009
Windows 7 WiFi troubles

Change your chanel in AP lower than 11 and it will be working. :)


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Feb 8, 2009
i have wifi with windows 7 aswell. it is a pain to connect to wireless networks
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