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Windows 7 Intellipoint & Intellitype for Windows 7

HP Deskjet

Senior Member
Jan 18, 2009
Microsoft Intellipoint 7.0 & Intellitype 7.0 software for Windows 7

If, like me, you've been experiencing problems with MS Intellitype & Intellipoint functionality in Windows 7, you can download the new Microsoft Intellipoint 7 & Intellitype 7 software [32 & 64 bit beta versions available] for Windows 7 here:

Link Removed due to 404 Error

It sorted out the mouse problems I was having with my Windows Explorer mouse when running Intellipoint 6.3 [64 bit] in Windows 7.
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Has anyone had problems downloading the software from the microsoft website?

When i select my hardware (wireless laser desktop 5000) and then go to step 3 to choose the os the drop-down is empty, except for the 'please select' message, which means i can not proceed to download. :mad:
I have had no problems. Are you using this site?

Link Removed due to 404 Error
:confused: now when i go to the download page i can get a list of OS's but none are windows 7.

Can anyone else select windows 7 when downloading the software for 'Wireless Laser Desktop 5000'?

I've tried both IE and FF.
Apparently I missed the desktop set you were refering to and I agree they do not have software yet that targets that set.