Interesting Startup Repair Issues 37 Different Random Machines

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    We work at a University where we have starting seeing random Windows 7 machines wanting to do startup repair. While in most cases several reboots, safe mode or lkgc will fix them we are trying to find the cause. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

    There is no pattern in machines, all different brands, all different ages, and software. Only recent changes that may have effect multiple machines would be windows updates that we push monthly or we recently started using ninite. Although I can not confirm that ninite has been used on all the effect machines.

    I can understand a few machines with various startup repair triggering problems here and there but looking back at this historically we have had about 1 machine every six months listed with this type of issue since moving to windows 7 then all the sudden since august of this year it seems to be a weekly occurrence. 26 of the occurred 37 incidents of this nature on record have happened since the end of august. I am sure there a more which did not show in the search but this is a serious statistical anomaly and something must be causing it? Ideas?

    Chad Lankford
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    Have you been able to associate a specific type of repair to a specific machine?

    Have the effected machines been offered a Hardware driver update?

    I am not familiar with ninite, so can't really comment. Do the machines show any error or warning messages in the Event Viewer that might be similar?

    Nothing at all in common with these machines...hard drive makes/models, network adapters, types of connections, on board devices....?
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