Intermittent BSOD's / Hang on Windows Screen


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Hi there,

I have been experiencing intermittent BSOD's on my system for a couple of months now. However more frequently my system will hang on the "Windows Starting" screen during boot-up.

Some of the BSOD Error Codes have included:

So far I have reformatted my system, run SFC and chkdsk and updated all my Drivers.

After running Memtest86+ which immediately found errors on both sticks of my RAM, I had these replaced under warranty and thankfully these are now error free.

I have also replaced my PSU with a brand new unit as I am aware that faulty power supplies can often be responsible for Blue Screens.

After a process of elimination one of the last things that could be causing these BSOD's is the Motherboard itself, after being told by a local repair shop that the RAM slots on Mobo's can often develop faults. Is there any further way of testing for potential motherboard problems?

On the other hand could either of my Graphics Cards or perhaps the CPU be causing these problems?

I have run both CPU and GPU stress tests neither of which caused my system to crash.

Currently I'm out of ideas and would greatly appreciate any advice

Many thanks,



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