Intermittent high memory usage

I have a Sony with win 7 64-bit and 4 gigs of ram. About a month ago I started to notice my computer running slower. When I checked windows task manager (performance) it was using 3.5 gigs of my memory. I restarted the computer and it went down to 1.5. I have on occasion had to restart twice to get the memory down. I have run virus checks and reg cleaner but it still occurs.

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Post your computer specs and your security software etc.

Post your computer specs and your security software etc.
I have Sony VAIO with windows 7 home premium, 4 gig RAM, 64 bit with the i5 2.30 Ghz processor. As I am typing this my memory is at 2.99. My security software is Norton 360.

Go back in to Task Manager and click on the "Details" tab or "Processes" tab and it should show exactly what program is using a high amount of RAM.

After you mentioning your security software, I would venture to say that Norton is what's using your memory, just assuming of course, not knowing your full installation of programs.

I would download and install Microsoft Security Essentials, then, remove Norton completely.
Just my opinion.

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Yes, like "Adamsappleone" suggest, just remove the Norton, it is the chief culprit, btw, have you ever set the virtual memory?

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