internal card reader not recognizing card; driver is working properly


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I have a "SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash" 4GB card and an internal card reader (HP desktop). When I insert the card into the reader, the green light above the slot turns on as if it recognizes the device, but it doesn't show up. Device Manager says that the driver is installed and working properly, and I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and restarted my computer. A system restore isn't really an option because it isn't my computer.

Any idea how I can fix this? Could it matter that I'm not on the Admin account on the computer?


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Check with the HP website for driver update. Also try a smaller capacity card if you have one.


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I seem to remember something about going to the Device Manager, finding the device and right clicking to reset it. I don't have one, so I can't check. Possibly the problem is being caused by incorrect removal of the media. Some types of devices require a Safe removal, and some don't.


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Microsoft has many "Fix It" options. There may be a solution?

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