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    A funny thing happened, for various reasons such as 2 or 3 updates would not install they always failed. I had to do a repair install on my W7 64 bit. My internal card reader would never work except to the USB port, the various flash card slots never worked. I always had a failure in device manager for that internal hub.
    W7 Technet gave me the following advise to run Repair install to fix the update problem
    Repair Install - Windows 7 Forums
    After running the Repair install the three updates that would not install installed and everything was fine a by product of this repair install in that my Internal Card reader now functions and can read my various flash card

    I found repair install a PITA took about 3 hours plus to get everything up and running which included 49 updates and the repair install but it sure worked. I would recommend it for individuals having problems

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