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I took out my internal optical drive from my Sony Vaio F13 laptop and put in SSD. Now I bought USB/SATA cabel and I connected the optical drive to the laptop, it is recognized in windows but it is treated as a hard drive (or removable disk). When I double click it in My Computer it says "Insert a disk into Removable disk...".

Is there a way to make my optical drive work via USB like this?

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I am not sure that this will work - it is unlikely. If you have an eSata port, attach it there. If there is no port, get an eSata PCI Express card for little money.

Thank you.

I do have eSata/USB combo port on the laptop but the cable I have is USB/SATA only so it does not make a difference if I stick it into the eSata port. If I got myself a proper cable, like this, do you think it would work just fine? There is a video on Youtube saying it works so I might give it a try.

Edit: One more thing. Provided it works with the eSata port, would I be able to boot Windows installations?

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Yes, you need an eSata cable and that should work. Booting from eSata is the same as booting from an internal device. They are on the same bus.

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