Internet access on public networks

I am unable to access the internet from public network connections.It shows that I am connected to the network, but will not let me go out to the internet or download email. I have no issues with this when I am on my home wifi network. Other people at these public locations do not have these issues, so I know it is not just that the router needs to be reset. I am sure there must just be a setting that I can't find, but I have wrestled with this for weeks with no luck.

Any ideas?


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There are usually different settings on firewalls for private vs public networks. You might check the Windows Firewall to see if public networks are authorized and if so what security settings are allowed.

When you are connected to this public network, if you open the network and sharing center, does it show any connection problems? While it is up, you might try running the trouble shooter to see if it can discover some problem.

Does the public network require any special password?

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