internet AOL

I have just got a laptop with windows 7 and i am having a lot of trouble with my internet every time i try to open a programe
a little window about 1 inc square with just ok on it keeps coming up
Plus aol keeps saying i have a problem and just goes off
Any Help but please not to technical i am not use to all the the words yet
Thank you

Why do you want to use AOL? Just avoid it. Unless you have email there they have nothing of any value to offer.

Set your browser home page to Google or somehwere else then

Click "Start" and type and enter Msconfig

go to startup and uncheck everything and reboot ... that should fix it.


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Sorry,. but I though AOL died years ago. In the stone age......1995

They must have sent me 100 CD's for that crappy program

Please look into other f=high-speed solutions.

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