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    Nov 4, 2011
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    Hi All,

    In my pc i have two nic as one of them is configured with broadband modem and another one is configured to share internet to my laptop through one switch.

    broadband modem >> nic 1 >>> internet is working fine.

    Nic 2 >>> switch >>>> laptop >>>> can ping any site ( by ip or by name) >>> but unable to browse in browser.

    Nic 1 >>>> DHCP configured ..... and shared with nic 2

    Nic 2 >>>> manually configured and connected to swich.

    switch >>>> laptop >>>> laptop nic is configured manually.

    from laptop i can ping DNS or any site ip / name but when i open ie is taking long time and display connecting to site (as i set my home page is google) on status bar and error display on screen that "internet explorer cannot display the webpage."

    please help...

    thank you

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