Internet conection problems

Ok here goes i have recently purchased a new motherbaord and upgraded to windows 7 professional

all specs of system are in my profile

the trouble i have is with the onboard ethernet

everytime i turn of my pc i have to uninstall the ethernet controler to be able to conect to the internet after 2 weeks this is now annoying.

I have tried updating the drivers but still no joy

can anyone help solve this problem

the onboard ethernet/lan is a realtek rtl8168c

any help or advice is greatly needed


You must mean you have to uninstall the drivers?
If it's onboard you can't take it out of a socket?

Do you have an option to roll back the drivers?

no what i mean is i have to remove or uninstall the pci through device manager and then scan for hardware changes this will then re install the drivers again

however after i reset my pc i have to do the same thing all over again.

i just dont understand why this is happening

and i know i cant remove it off the MB

so any advice you can offer would be great ive tried the rollback but this happens regardless of which driver is installed

thanks awaiting further help


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Try going to Network and Sharing Center and look over the connections

Like the man said go to network and sharing center then go to change adapter settings an uncheck IPv6 and see if this helps, This has caused some problem for certain adapters.
Here is an article on the matter
Vista not playing well with IPv6 - Network World

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