Internet conn> problem! Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

i have bought a laptop with windows 7 already on it. now when i try to play counter strike using steam it works fine, but when i try to play condition zero or day of defeat i get fatalerror NET_Sendpacket ERROR WPAEACCESS!

when i try to play those games on my old windows xp pc it works perfectly...

i thought that the firewall or antivirus blocked them but i have disabled the firewall and uninstalled the antivirus and it still says the same thing.

i am using a wireless connection, but tried a wired one and i still got the same problem

i tried lots of solutions i found online but none of them worked for me so i really need help.

this is a big problem and i think that same thing will happen to steam games i want to buy in future... games like BF2:Complete Collection...

Help me fix this please!! :(

Possible your Router is not compatible with enhanced security in Win 7. Try update firmware. Ask on the game forum about how to properly setup router for streaming games.

they cant really help on those forums thats why i came here...

Have you tried to disable Firewall on Win 7 and see if this works.

i have... i wrote it in the first post...

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