Internet connection drops on start up


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Not sure if I missed a thread so I'm starting as new one.

Most of the time when I turn on my computer (and every time after it's in sleep mode) my internet connection becomes disconnected. I get the yellow warning signal over the Network icon and troubleshoot it to repair it every time. It reconnects and works fine after that, but it's really annoying that it does this almost everytime on start up. Any solutions? I have Windows 32bit.


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I have about 20 know fixes to connection problems at the link in my tagline. Run through them. Sounds like driver problems though. I have found that windows 7 WILL replace new drivers I have installed with older onse it likes better. Evertime I see the atkmdiag error in my event log I know windows replaced the new ATI drivers with the older ones that came on the install disk. So far I haven't figured out a way to prevent that.