Internet Connection Lost on Restart

Jim S

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For several months I have lost my Internet connection whenever I restart my Windows 7 Home Premium computer. Fortunately I use the sleep function at night and only restart two or three times a week. I have found a way to connect to the Internet following a restart that works almost every time, but it is a nuisance to go through the steps. I am hoping that a description of the procedure I use will prompt someone to suggest a permanent fix to the problem so the computer will come up following a restart with an Internet connection.

After a restart and no Internet connection the Network and Sharing Center shows two networks when there should be only one. They are:

Network - Home network - Connection: Mynetworkname Broadband

Unidentified network - Public network - Connection: Mynetworkname Broadband

I have no idea why the second network is present, but it is probably at the heart of the problem. My correction procedure is the following:

Click Mynetworkname Broadband and then click Disable.

Both of the networks described above disappear, and the message "You are currently not connected to any networks." appears. This statement is accurate at this point.

Next I click Troubleshoot problems and Internet connections. A message says, "Troubleshoot and help prevent computer problems." I click Next and then Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet.

I am told, "The Mynetworkname Broadband adapter is disabled" (which of course it is). I click Try these repairs as an administrator, and Resolving problems is displayed.

The word Fixed appears after the statement "The Mynetworkname Broadband adapter is disabled", and I click Close the troubleshooter.

At this point the Internet connection becomes operational, and the Network and Sharing Center shows only one network - the first one shown above and not the unidentified network.

Any ideas or advice?


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