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Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by rapid96, Mar 29, 2010.

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    hello i just bought an ASUS k601 laptop.. has an Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter.. the problem i have been having is sometimes the internet works great not problems then suddenly i can not get to a simple website.. says like server had to reset or page error... i know its not the internet itself.. i have no problems with my ipod touch or my PS3

    Error 105 (net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED): The server could not be found.
    that is one of the problem its says
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    Looks like a reasonably typical DNS issue, so you can try to flush the DNS cache and see if that helps.
    From a command prompt type ipconfig /flushdns
    Often laptops can have issues with DNS resolution if they go back and forth between multiple wifi networks the DNS cache can become corrupt so clearing it may help.
    If that doesn't seem to resolve the issue for you then you might try manually assigning static values for the DNS server in the IPv4 properties, under the properties of your wireless adapter. At least that way the resolver will be consistent everywhere you go, you can try using preferred and alternate
    You may also want to take a look in task manager and see if there is a process running under the processes tab called mdnsresponder. If so then you may be having an issue with one iteration or another of the Bonjour service, which has been known to cause some similar issues. If that's the case post back and let us know and we can provide further assistance with that specific issue.
    In any case keep us posted as to how you are getting along with the problem overall

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