Internet Connection Sharing problem in Win 7

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by svj1187, Oct 26, 2010.

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    I have a Sony Vaio VPCEB26FG laptop, Ipod Touch 8GB.
    I have connected the ethernet port to an internet connection with a dynamic IP. I have done the Ad-hoc connection so that laptop acts as a Wi-fi hotspot, and i can connect the Ipod to this hotspot through Wi-Fi.
    I am able to connect the Ipod to the hotspot, but not able to share the internet access.The LAN adapter is not allowing me to share the internet connection. Whenever i try to give the share access it says "An error occurred while Internet Connection Sharing was being enabled. (null)?”

    Checked out all the services related to ICS and all were running fine.
    The internet connection is also fine, no problems found with that. Just that i am not able to share the internet access.
    Any solutions for this?
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    Double check again all ICS service dependencies.
    RPC Endpoint Mapper automatic and started
    DCOM Server Process Launcher automatic and started
    Remote Procedure Call automatic and started
    Windows Management Instrumentation atomatic and started
    Telephony started (manual should be ok as startup type)
    Plug and Play started and automatic
    Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol Service started (manual startup type should be ok)
    Remote Access Connection Manger started (manual startup type should be ok)
    Network Store Interface Service started and automatic
    Network Connections started (manual startup type should be ok)
    Base Filtering Engine started and automatic
    Windows Firewall started and automatic
    Remove any third party firewall products as well as any third party Internet Security Suites that may include some type of firewall like applet. You can install MSE as a temporary substitute until your issue is resolved. You may need to acquire the software vendors proprietary uninstaller software inorder to successfully remove these types of products and all leftover remnants of the install process use google to find the uninstaller for your product.
    Reboot and start over
    Open the network and sharing center
    In the left column choose manage wireless networks
    Select and remove any existing profiles (highlight and use the remove button)
    Click the add button
    Choose create ad-hoc network
    Click next
    in the resultant box fill out the boxes
    keep it simple for now
    enter a name
    select a security type, (maybe for starters just try none or open, depending on your choices)
    when done there click next and
    in the resultant dialog box choose "Turn on Internet connection sharing"
    Keep us posted.

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