Internet connections: Connected to two comptuters, one "No Internet access"... ?? Help!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by Stacia Daniel, Jun 29, 2012.

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    I have searched through several of the previous threads searching for an answer but I am still perplexed and stuck.

    I am running a modem and wireless router which is working fine. I have my home computer up and running (Windows 7)- no problems at all. However, my work laptop (windows 7 professional) will connect to my wireless network but will not 'access' the internet.
    I have set up a connection from scratch; changed the network settings; restarted (everything) plugged in wth Ethernet cord; run a router check... and honestly I am way out of my league in figuring this one out.

    I tried several of the solutions for forum threads around the problem of 'connected to internet but no internet access', but part of my confusion is that one computer works fine, but the other simply won't allow access.

    Oh! When I use a when I use an open network it won't allow me on at all. But when I set up my private network it will connect and show internet access for 10 SECONDS at a time and then No access... like a constant flicker...

    Anybody? o_O wtheck?

    p.s. if you request more info: please give me instruction on how to get said info in really simple steps as I am apparently a total dunderhead... and my brain is now extra confused and fried after trying to troubleshoot this for two days. :p
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    EDIT: Sorry missed the last line that said it works for few seconds. :( Maybe try it at a free WIFI location to help pin down if it is the wireless on the PC or the wireless on the router.

    Check for a proxy server in IE. If there is one remove the checkmark
    IE settings > Internet options > connections > lan settings

    If that does not help you can try resetting IE this will set everything back to original
    IE settings > Internet options > advanced
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    And if it is a work laptop you will need to consider if it is a member of a domain and if it has been statically assigned a single DNS server address that points to your Domain DNS server at work.
    Copy and paste this
    into the address (URL) bar (not the search bar) of your preferred browser and hit enter. If Google comes up then you know it's a DNS issue if not then helpifIcan may be on the right track with a proxy server address being present and not required when you are at home.

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