Windows Vista internet connectivity issues


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hello all

been trying windows 7 for a couple of weeks and i love it but there is a big hitch..

every time i try to sign on ot a particular online game (second life) and at some other timesm but omreo randomly,
i loose all internet connection.

i have a a wired router and this puter also has xp which has no problems with connectivity.

when i have lost the connection i have tried the trouble shooter>
action window>troubleshooting>connect to interet. internt connctions>...
and i t goes to a point of saying that i t cant fix it but offers the option attempt repairs as administrator.
clicking on that option, it goes a head and resets the network adapter, which restores the connection - but only for a couple of minutes, after which i am offline again.

I have gotten a little frustrated with it frankly and I wonder if anyone else has had similar problems?

here are some of the relevant logs :
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and here is system information:
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appreciate any suggestions