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    Hey guys, I've been experiencing an issue since installing Win 7 with uploading.

    Ive spent many hours on the phone with my Internet Provider, (Vodafone NZ) and they've done all they can do from their end apparently, but i still get this issue.

    Any ways the issue is:

    I can download No problems at all... I can upload to FTP no problems, But as soon as i try to attach a file to facebook, or gmail, or even do a speed test on, during the upload process, my internet will drop out, and the little Yellow exclamation mark will pop up over the internet access icon in the task bar.

    Im running Windows 7 RC Build 7100.

    The Event Viewer says:

    Warning: DNS Client Events: Event ID 1014.

    My router is a DLink G604 T,

    My PC is plugged straight into the Router and my GFs computer is running on the wireless and her computer, (running XP) can upload just fine.
    I can reconnect to the internet by Diagnosing the issue, and then the issue found was "The default gateway is not available"

    Anyone got/had this same issue?
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