Internet Died permantly


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Hi Guys

Installed Windows 7 on my Acer laptop with no problems, all was working fine was using the inet downloading updates etc all ok ,was so sweet after Vista.
Last night I rebooted and I no longer have access to the internet.

I checked the internet connection by plugging in my XP laptop all ok
So its somthing with the Acer laptop and windows 7

Hardware in the device manager is all ok,
Updated network card drivers , still nothing.(nvidia card)

Tried to use Windows 7 to diaganois the issue , Windows cannot find a problem.

I cannot find anything with hardware or software which leaps out and says, here be problem.

The GF wants me to go back to XP , I am resisting, I like this Windows 7 ,but not for much longer
Please help


Got the internet back by disabling my network card then re- enabling it
However I have to do this everytime I reboot
Driver issue?

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Most likley a driver issue, you should try re-installing Windows 7. Are you connecting Wirelessley or via. a wired connection?

Hope this helps, Jack

If you have a router... reboot it. Win 7 has often caused routers to get confused. It's much easier to fix by unplugging your router for 10 seconds then plugg it back in. I've had to do it twice in 3 months.

Yup, this is definitely a driver issue. Just wait a bit for your networks cards company to come out with a newer driver and everything should be fine. :)


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Quick update

Got my hands on a USB ethernet adaptor (realtec)
Installed the drivers
the same problem occurs. Maybe not drivers I think.....

Gonna get my broadband modem change tonight will let you know outcome.

Have you tried re-installing Windows? Its the most likley solution to work, along with configuring your router properly.

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