Internet drops when it wants(Windows7)

I just installed windows 7 3 days ago .Now my internet drops when it feels like it. ive updated all the drivers.Its not my modem or my router.My wife can be on when I iose the net ,But she never loses it.I just wonder if my MOBO is the problem. Ive read some topics on the fourms .But nothin has helped me.:(


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Do the light go out on the router when you get no connectivity?

No it doesnt.The light stays on


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She's om the same wireless router.?

This is how I have it.( from the modem to a hub.From the hub it splits 1 goes to the pc and the other goes to the router.)Everything worked great until I installed win 7 ,But she has win 7 on her laptop and doesnt have a problem


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Sorry, I;m no Networking guru, hopefully someone Vikki come along to help.

This post will bump it to the top of the list.

lol thanks for the help man

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