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Windows 7 internet exploer help needed


New Member
Feb 14, 2009
hi all hope ur enjoying the new windows :)

I am having problems wen i open a link in a new tab it freezes for a few seconds till its open???

it does my head right in!!!! it never done this before and i dont think it did with the beta ie8 in build 7000

can u help?
As far as i know, more than half of win7 users have this problem - IE and tabs loads slowly, but web pages loads almost great...

Why don't you use another program for web?


Tools -> Manage addons.
Disable addons that you don't need and takes most of IE startup time ;)
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i prob will do but i would like to use this as its new :) i wana get use to it but think firefox might be the way forward. has anyone tried google chrome???
I don't even know what is it for. I've set it to disable and everything is ok...
Thanks mate that fixed it :) i advise anyone else with this prob to do the same :)

just noticed that wen i open a page that i add to the new favourite bar it doesnt show the new posts till i refresh it????? hence the double posts
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