Internet Explorer 7 in Windows 7

First i want to say that I tried to search but I am getting a database error when searching so I hope I'm not asking a repeat question.

Here is the issue. My sister just got a new laptop last week with Windows 7 Home Premium installed. She was very excited to finally get a new computer to replace her aging windows XP machine. The problem is she needs to use this laptop for work too. You can probably see where this is going.

The site that she is trying to connect to for work supports only IE6 or IE7. I had the bright idea of her updating to Windows 7 Professional so that she could take advantage of Windows XP mode and run IE7 that way. I explained this to her, but asked her to wait so that I could make sure her PC's processor has the virtualization technology. Well, she jumped the gun, did the Windows anytime upgrade and paid 90 bucks. Only to find that her Core 2 duo is one of the models that does not have this technology. So she wasted 90 bucks. She's fine with that though. As long as there is a way to get IE7 on her PC.

So is it possible or is she screwed? Also I already had her try some alternative browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. Neither of these are working for her.

So I just remembered. IE8 has the compatibility mode built into it. I don't know why I didn't think to have her try that. Has anyone else used it?

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