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Aug 28, 2007
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Here is some free software to bring IE7 up to standards with browsers like firefox.
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Yes. I have used it for quite a while now. It has quite a few useful functions, but the best, for my use, is under the privacy tab. You have the option to totally clear everything, or part, of what you have been browsing, on leaving IE. The penalty is about a 4 second delay before IE closes.
The ad prevention is good. I would recommend that you untick the "crash prevention", under the General settings. It gives me a lot of grief.
Thanks for the 'mini review'. I did wonder if it was worth the effort but as I'm still using the IE 8 beta it was going to be a while before I tried it. I wonder if it would help all those with the explorer issues that we have in the forum?
Ah! The penny has just dropped for me!
Its the name isn't it. I was using it in IE7 (The Vista default). When I installed one of the earlier releases of IE8, it migrated the program perfectly. I have kept up to date with the releases and so far IE7Pro seems to be performing 100%.
Give it a go. Bottom line is it wont harm your setup and can easily be uninstalled if you are not happy.
FWIW. I am at the moment using IE8 to post - with IE7Pro running in the background.
Hi Dave,
so are you saying this works just as well for IE 8 ? I'll download it anyway and give it a try... Thanks for the heads up :D

Just installed it.... Seems to be fine with IE8.. Once again thanks for the info :)
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