Internet Explorer 9 Beta released

Tonight I downloaded and installed Internet Explorer 9 Beta so far it has been very reliable and is Very, Very, Very fast I'am still trying to navigate around the new features but is pretty much 10 times easier to find things and is very lightwight. has any one else trying to give IE9 Beta a go? What do you all think?


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Glad you like the new features, Firecracker. I'm inclined to agree. It looks and works much better than IE8 thus far!

I just found out it runs off your GPU, Ram and CPU to run better, and also you can drag a Tab down to the taskbar in windows 7 and creates a short cut link, like how the programs are on the taskbar.

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Also using it myself, it is nice I like the more stream lined look but also a few things I do not like. Having the tabs and the address bar on one line is cool for those who only have perhaps 1 to 7 tabs open but any more or in the double digits, it might be an issue. The integrated search, website link bar is nice too and how it autocompletes a website link. Currently I am not sure if this is a bug but I cannot get my Menu Bar to stay on the screen even though it is ticked off. A bit annoying having to hit "Alt" to bring it up all the time but I do overall like the direction that Microsoft is taking. I also like the new notification bars at the bottom of the screen to shows downloads or switching from encrypted to unencrypted pages for example. No longer does it bring your browsing to a halt with the notifications.

not very pleased

well, having used IE 9beta for about 2 days.

it doesnt seem that there has been a real improvement of the browser itself, i feel just that it sucks resources from other cores. having it to draw from GPU also feels to me as a false speed up, not a real code and subroutines optimization...

moveable and dockable tabs are nice, allows you to pop-in some of those you dont want to open in a new window. keeps taskbar organized.

addons and download managing has also had a nice improvement, liked the way it is now.

last but not least, i found out some important flaws.

it seems to brawl with some security add-ons or password textplaces like in netbanking. I simply cannot login to my banks network using ie9. (maybe HTML5 conflinct)?

also im having problems with the way it is drawing general items on the screen, name it tables (like credit card statement online) or social network scrap pages. (

if anyone is having some issues like those, please report.

hope this is helpful.

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