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Miss K

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Hi everyone

I am a frequent flyer member but when I try to log on to redeem points, after I successfully get the site I get an error message something like - Internet Explorer cannot display this page. I have tried on other computers and it works when I log on. Something must be preventing it on my computer. Is it my McAfee doing it all of a sudden or have I turned an option on that I do not know that I have.

Your help would solve my frustrating hours at trying to problem solve this dilemma. I am using Internet Explorer 9.

Thanks heaps.



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The other computers are running IE9? Have you tried the compatibility mode for that site?

There may be some add-on it needs, or cookies may need to be enabled. Is there a yellow triangle on the bottom of the page?

On the bottom of the Home Page, there is a "Viewing Tips" option. Select that and it will check your browser for needed items. Maybe that will give you some indication of the problem.

After the check, there is a technical questions link in the lower part of the page.

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