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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by donateyourbones, Dec 5, 2009.

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    I bought a new computer that is Windows 7. Almost everytime I right click on an internet link and open it in a new tab, my whole internet freezes and I have to restart it. I don't understand why this is happening. I got this computer less than a month ago and it's been happening since the day I got it. Do I have to return it or can I do something to fix this problem? :confused:
    This problem occurs mostly when it's a flash website or java. But I am not sure if this information is 100% accurate. I have had experiences when normal webpages just freeze.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I bought this internet stick that plugs into the computer. It's kind of crappy because I usually find that my messages on msn and email do not send. And people on msn ask me if I'm still there. Also, I am not able to play any multiplayer games because it is so slow and it usually doesn't connect me. Is there a chance that the internet stick might have to do with the problem above? I've had it since the day I bought the computer so I can't really compare it to a different internet stick.
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    You could try disabling some of your 'add-ons'.. If you click on 'Tools' (upper right on the IE browser) and then manage add-ons, see what you've got running and try disabling them. I'd also try using a different USB port as this can make a difference..

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