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Feb 6, 2009
I call upon those more intelligent than i to assist with my headache!

I am loving the windows 7 system, moving straight from XP, but just a couple of niggles.

Everytime i reboot my pc my internet connection dies and displays 'local connection only'. This is with both or either my wireless network or wired ethernet connected.

I assume there is nothing wrong with my hardware as once i do my usual workaround as below it all works again, until i shut down / reset.

My current workaround is

1. Reset the router ( Thompson speedtouch AOL rebadge)
2. Reset the windows firewall to default.
3. Run my aol installer cd in compatibility mode for vista.

Voila back on again, but sometimes i have trouble seeing my Network attached storage drive at this point.

therefore my hardware must all be ok???

Once i reset i can still connect to my nas drive no probs, but all i get is local access only??

I have searched the forums and google and appears there are a lot of problems, and various efforts, but nothing definate.

My efforts have been,

1. Disabling the IP6V both in the adapter settings, and the regedit version.
2. Disabling the firewall
3. Disabling the norton antivirus
4. both the above together
5. reset the router after all the above
6. reset the pc after all the above

I am no expert, but convinced that Windows is resetting something that the aol installer corrects to gain this internet access, everytime i reboot.

Network diagnostics never succeed, and usually come back with adapter not having a valid ip address?

Current PC specs

Windows 7 public Beta 6.1.7000 64 bit
Intel Q6600
Asus p5QL-Pro motherboard
4 gig crucial memory
sata 2 hdd drive
ide NAS network attached storage
on board gigabit lan network adapter, latest drivers installed.
linksys b/g wireless network adapter.

Please can anyone assist?
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have you checked to see if there are any newer drivers/firmware for your router ??
Thanks, i'll try looking into that. Am i right in thinking i will not get drivers for windows 7, but to try and get 64 bit vista ones?

when i spoke above about running the cd as my current workaround, i am using the latest version of the aol install software, not the cd that came shipped with my router, and i run this in compatibility mode for Vista.

Thanks again, and any other ideas, i'm all ears.
good question I guess nearest compatible offering from your router manufacturer :redface:
Have tried to update drivers for my router, but it is tied to aol... (yeah i know), and apparently don't update easy.

i have been to thompson website and downloaded latest drivers but all i get is a .bin file and no way within the router menu to 'update' and unsure how to apply this .bin file to it, thats if its even different to the factory installed drivers at all!

Anyway, i'll keep trying, and if i solve my dilemma i'll post it.

Seems to better working using the settings from the device itself, resetting, and keying in these settings manually, from the snippping tool app (great app) i did after getting it live, as opposed to using the installer cd mentioned above. This way it connects to internet and NAS drive, although i know as soon as i power down, i'm going to get 'local access only'

Please keep the ideas coming though.

Just to let anyone who is looking at this for help, i have finally found the problem.

It was actually hardware, and the on board lan was conflicting with my system.

A pci lan adapter was not only the solution for a stable network, and internet connection, but all round system performance.

Thanks to all those posting here and elsewhere that helped me solve this.
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