Internet keeps cutting out with wireless.

I have a home built computer intell core 2 duo 2.93 ghz, 2gig ram with windows 7 ultimate.

My nework card is a Netgear WG311T.

I have been having a lilttle of a connection issue. I use my wireless card and my internet just cuts out. It is only this computer and when it happens, i look down at my task bar and it shows that i have no connection and it shows that golden which is that there is connections availible. So i think it is just unconnecting to the router by itself. This problem is random also it disconnects 3min sometimes 20 min.

I have tried 3 different network cards. of which all were updated. I also installed the software with that card to see if it would help. And i use the computer at my friends and my home with two totally different routers. The card that i have use in other computer have worked,and these computers have windows XP. Im not sure what to do now it is getting very agravating. Plz inform me if you need any more information or if you have a fix TY!


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Hi Nuggets,

this page here: Answer is the main web page for your card and contains FAQ's, drivers and a knowledge base.
Hope this is useful....

Just to add, I ran the adapter through the upgrade advisor and it seems it's compatible with 7..
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The download page I posted above contains a vista driver and I should imagine that this is the driver you'll need to use.. If your using this driver already then try running it in compatibility mode..

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I have looked at the FAQ's and posted on thier forums hoping for an answer. I still was unable to get the software to work on my computer. The other card i tried, WPN311, The software for that card worked fine but the internet still acted the same. any other sugestions?


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As kemical mentioned the first card you mentioned is compatable with Win 7, but may need this update
The second card you mentioned is compatible and needs no additional software.
This may be the issue, sometime Windows 7 does not perform well with vendor software and utilities packages supplied with these devices and you may well be better off uninstalling any such software that you have installed open services.msc using the search box, scroll down to WLAN AutoConfig, double click it, set the startup type to automatic and reboot the computer.

I have tried to update the driver, in device manger, i got from the link you gave me and it doesnt update. It says the driver is allreay up to date. not sure if i was doing it right.

also the WLAN autoconfig is allready set to automatic.


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A couple things you might try, but first did you remove the software programs that came with the cards that you've been using.
That link provides a driver file that unfortunately comes in the form of a cabinet file (.cab) you will need to use some third party software like 7zip from here
Place the downloaded cabinet file into a new folder on your desktop, then after having installed 7 zip, you should right click it and from the context menu choose 7zip --> extract here. This should provide four files ( athrx.pdb athrx.sys and netathrx.inf) then open device manager.
Right click the wg311t and choose update driver software
Choose "Browse my computer for driver software
Then choose "Let me pick from a list of device driver on my computer"
Click the "Have Disk" button
And then browse to the files in the new folder on your desktop that you have extracted as described above.

I got 7-zip (i have winrar but got 7-zip just incase). I went to device manager and update, But after choosing have disk and then locating the folder with the extracted files and i press okay, i get a message "The folder specified doesnt contain a compata\ible software driver for your device. If the folder contains a driver, make sure it is designed to work with windows for 32-bit system".

I also noticed that on the screen where the hav disk buttun, where it desplays the device i am updating, it shows 4 "NETGEAR 109mps wireless PCI Adapter WG311T." i tried to update all 4 but none worked..

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