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When the computer starts up or comes out of sleep mode, I cannot connect to the internet for a full 30 seconds (after windows settles out). Any suggestions? I've checked for viruses and malware with no results.


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Without knowing what we are dealing with (desktop, laptop, etc.,) it is difficult to propose a possible solution. That is why we frequently ask members to fill out their system specs in their forum profile area
Depending on how old your computer and installed hardware is, it's possible that the installed drivers for your network adapter(s) is less than optimal for Windows 7 and its' power management APIs, make sure your driver version and date are the latest available from the device manufacturer's website.
IF you are talking about a wireless adapter you may want to check the Advanced Power Settings Options regarding your wireless adapter maybe set it to Maximum Performance. If it's a USB adapter you may want to check settings regarding USB devices "selective suspend" or in the case of a PCI Express device the Link State Power Management set it to "Off".
Likewise in device manager, expand network adapters, select your adapter(s) right click and choose properties select the Power Management tab and uncheck Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

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