Windows Vista Internet loss bug in every build since 7022


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Feb 8, 2009
There has been a persistent bug in every Win7 build starting with 7022 where it will drop the internet. It defies troubleshooting, hangs upon restart requiring hard shutdown, then resets upon start up.

There are other internet loss bugs but this one is widely reported in every build including 7077 where a thread on Neowin collected several dozen who had experienced these exact symptoms.

Even though daily builds are notorious for bugs not worked out, it seems strange that the bug would persist through so many builds.

Has anyone here had this bug and been able to find a solultion which continues to work?
I run into this issue...7057 and 7000. However, my lappy is a Vista -> 7000 -> 7057 install; i'll do a clean when I get around to the RC
Never had a problem in any build.

I'd suggest looking for updated drivers for your network card, directly from the manufacture if possible.

Yes do the above aways update your drivers :)
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