Internet not connecting and Sound card not detected


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Hi all, I'm having a couple issues with Windows 7 at the moment. I recently installed Windows 7 on a separate hard drive and started up. For some reason, my sound card was not detected nor did my wireless internet connect. I restarted and found that the problem persisted. I then booted in to my other HD(which is Vista) and the problem wasn't there. I went back to see if there was just some random problem but the internet and sound still were non existent. I've searched throughout these threads and so far I have not found anyone who had my problem nor did I find a probable solution to my problem.
If any of you have an idea what this might be, please let me know! Thank you!

I too have the same problem as your describing, i have Windows 7 installed on a second hard drive and once loaded will not detect sound card or any wireless networks.

A solution would be greatly appreciated.

I'm having the same issue. Except, I installed mine on my hard drive in general, it had crashed before so I bought a new one and updated the RC onto it. It connects to the internet and works wonders most of the time, but there's a fraction that it tells me I have no internet access. I'ev been trying to find a solution but none has appeared yet. Anyone have any advice?

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