Internet on and off, no ipv6 connection, wireless network inconsistent..HELP!!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Networking' started by Joel Bedford, Jul 25, 2011.

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    I have no idea what's goin on.

    M wireless is flaky to say the least. Realtek 8185 adapter connects sometimes to the interwnt but is painfully slow. Drops connection all the time. My network name changes intermittently between "xxxxxx" and "xxxxxx 2", my network switches between home and public. This is beyond frustrating.

    What to do??
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    flakey connections can often be a sign you need to change the router's channel (between 1 and 13 range usually, experiment as neighbours may have wireless on the same channel which is a common cause of dropouts) or enable protected mode (slower and is usually more stable) for better signal quality. You may also need to think about moving where the router is to increase broadcast clarity, same applies to where you are using the laptop (metal frames in walls etc often kill signal quality as do household devices such as cordless phones etc). Finally check the laptop has enough power, very common for laptops to put wireless devices into a low power cycle to save battery life when not connected to the mains, so make sure the power profile is set to max.
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    There's a online util called WiFi stumbler that helps choose the best channel for your location. WiFi Stumbler If you have an android device an app called WiFi Analyzer is invaluable when setting up WiFi.

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