Internet on my PC keeps cutting out

I sure hope I'm posting this in the correct place, as I'm not too sure of where else to post it as I'm new here, but this problem has been going on ever since I installed Windows 7, and it's beginning to really tick me off.

I'm on Orange internet and I use a Wanadoo Livebox back when we were on Wanadoo. Every now and then, the internet on my PC only, cuts out and I can't connect or browse etc. My only solution to that is to unplug my router and plug it in again, wait for it to start up, then I'm good to go. Strange thing is, my mum's laptop stays online, as does my Playstation 3, all when my PC goes offline. So I'm thinking it's either a problem with Windows 7, as I don't remember such a problem occuring when I was on XP or Vista. Or it's a hardware issue, which I doubt. I tried switching the ethernet cable to see if it made a difference, and it didn't. Unless it's my network card? I'm not sure. Guess that's why I'm here asking you experts.

I'd really appreciate an answer to this, please. Thank you.

edit: After giving it some more thought, maybe it could be my drivers? Maybe the Network Card, or whatever that I use, is not actually supported by Windows 7? Hence why it cuts out all of the time. Could that be possible? I tried looking on the ASUS website, but I'm useless at that. If it's possibly that, could I get some help there, please?! I believe the name of my driver is "Attansic L1 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller".

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