Internet Problem on Windows 7

Hi people

I'm Brian from Denmark, signed up here because I have a problem after i downloaded and installed Windows 7 today.

First, let me say that I'm kind of a noobie to this. So I really need help.
Theres a cross (X) over my internet connection in the right bottom bar of my screen, though my internet is set to the computer, and I know that the internet is working fine. But I need to download drivers for my internet card on my computer in order to get my internet working, right?
I'm using a cable from router, not wireless.

Some friend told me I needed chipset drivers. And I have searched for that to my computer but I can't find ANYTHING. Might be me who is stupid but I sure need help.

My computer is a Siemens Fujitsu Scaleo T 32-bit operating system with now Windows 7, before it was XP.

I hope to hear from someone and get help, I'm stuck here on a laptop right now.

Thanks so far
Brian Jørgensen

Hello Brian
If you could go to the start orb ---> right click computer --> select properties --> in the pane on the left you will see "device manager" click on that. Do you see any yellow exclamation marks (!) ?
You will need to identify your network adapter in order to find the correct driver for it. You could search on siemens website for your model notebook and see where that leads or if there are any unknown devices in device manager you can try this: Download Unknown Device Identifier 6.01 - Identify unknown devices in your system and search for workable drivers - Softpedia
(courtesy of reghakr)

Hi textureDnB

Thanks for a quick answer.

- Yes I see exclamation marks next to the following in Device Manager under "Other devices":
Cohiba 2887 rev0
Ethernet Controller
Multimedia Audio Controller
PCI Input Device
PCI Modem

The link you posted, what do I do with it after I have downloaded it?

Simply install the applicaton and run it. It should identify your problem devices so that you can download drivers for them.You will ofcourse have to download them to another computer and save to flash drive or something to get them to your comp. Your first choices are windows seven drivers (least likely) , second choice (most likely ) Vista drivers, lastly XP drivers are likely to fail without major monkeying around.

BTW your problem devices are definitely shown there ethernet controller probably but some of the PCI devices may be involved as well.

Well, the problem is that I'm on my laptop with Vista which has internet. But my stationary doesnt and that is the one with Windows 7.

So when I transfer the program by an USB stick to the stationary and runs the program, it finds ALOT of drivers, but the computer doesnt have internet so I can not go and get them, you know? Heh..

Can anybody please help me get AN983 FastNIC PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter Driver somehow? :redface:
I think it's the one I need.

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