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I purchased my new computer about a month ago. Wonderful, a bliss. Suddenly, a couple of days ago, both IE9 and Firefox, became slow; I mean really slow. What's more, in IE9, sites only open if I right click and open them on a separate tab. I have Spyhunter, that reported the presence of Iminent in my computer, but was able to clear it. Another virus named Contravirus, is still in my computer, Spyhunter is unable to get rid of it. I tried other ways. For instance, Malwarebytes reports nothing is wrong. Could this Contravirus be the source of my problems ? What can I do ? Please help. Thanks.

Hi, Kemical, thanks a lot for yor answer. Well, I did try the procedure, to no avail at all. I guess my system was really corrupted. In the end, I had to reinstall windows and my software. It took only about an hour, and the machine works great now. Since, in a moment of panic, I bought a software called SpyHunter, in the beginning of the problem, I just wonder if this program was partially responsible for the worsening of the situation. Do you know them ? Their reputation is not very good throughout the Web.



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Not heard of them personally but I will now keep in mind what you said about them..

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