Internet random crashes

Hey folks. Just got a fresh new comp about 2 months ago. I've been noticing for the last few weeks or so that everytme I surf the internet or something, the browsers just crashes. Most times it works fine, but came to realize when I'm youtubing or streaming something, the browser just closes automatically with no error message. I even have msn on and that closes as well. I'm currently using chrome and explorer but don't think its a browser issue. After it crashes, I am unable to open up the browsers, msn or even utorrent. So I usually end up rebooting to fix the problem. However, when i'm playing a game online say bad company 2, it seems fine. I have a feeling it could be a flash player problem? or maybe some kind of hardware issue. I probably need to update my ethernet driver on my mobo?

So far, I've managed to download a bunch of updated drivers for my mobo. I'm gonna install them soon and hopefully it will work. Does anyone else know why these random crashes happen and how to fix it?

Windows 7 64-bit ultimate
i7 930 CPU
6 GB of RAM
ATI radeon XFX 5850
Gigabyte - X58-UDR3


Using the browser(s) that are crashing, you'll want to visit this link and delete all the entries:


Restart the browser and see if crashes persist.

Updating drivers is always good too. Also, visit Adobe's website and install the latest Flash version, in each browser you use.

Joe S

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I think I had a problem a while ao with browser freezes. It seemed to involve Adobe Flash and Windows Defender and updates. After I fixed things I finally noticed that after updating Windows then the browser freezes would start again. I finally just disables Windows Defender.

So far so good. I took TorrentG's advice and deleted all the entries in the flashplayer bin or whatever. I managed to update my ethernet driver on my mobo as well. I surfed around the net for a bit, checked out some youtube vids and other sites that use the flash player and no crashes... so far.

As for Windows Defender, it was already off when I had the issue.

Thanks guys for the help! If the problem persists, I'll let you guys know. cheers!

Thank you for the update with what seems to be successful up to this point.

The issue was likely the Flash "super" type cookies that are placed on machines, that never expire. I personally know these to crash browsers and have seen it a lot. So not only are they a nuisance for people that enjoy basic privacy, they also break one of computers' most basically used software.

I advise the use of the BetterPrivacy plugin along with Firefox. You can easily configure it to delete these "super" cookies with each browser closing.

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