Internet sharing problem. plz help.


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In my laptop there are two networks
1. Local area connection which i use to connect with my router(wired connection,Ethernet)
2. N79 the ad-hoc network which i created to connect with my mobile device.(nokia n79)

Now when i turn on WiFi in my laptop and start listening, my mobile device detect the WiFi network. Then i start to browser of my phone and try to load a web page, and the computer shows the network status as connected. But in the phone still i cant access web pages, the browser of the phone try to load the web page and reply "no gateway reply".

What can i do for this?
Thax in advance.


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What is the Make/Model of your laptop please?

Many laptops as well as desktops do not allow concurrent use of BOTH the Ethernet-wired port and the Wifi or WLAN interfact simultaneously. This is a feature that varies from make to make as well as model to model in laptops especially. Most of my Clients do not know to look for this feature when buying a laptop or where to find it in the Specs. It is often not listed, so if you know in advance that you are looking for dual-network adapter usage, you may have to call the laptop Manufacturer up and actually ask a Tech. Most Customer Service or Sales people do not know the answer to this. It's dependent on the Chipset of the Mothergboard your laptop is using, as well as the Chips used for both the wired-Ethernet interface on the laptop Motherboard and the Model of the WLAN card used for Wifi. This is the little circuit board inside the laptop that generates and receives your wireless signal. Sometimes, these can be replaced, but due to modern laptop Motherboard design, if the Chipset used by your Motherboard and the associated drivers don't support dual-adapter concurrent usage--you are out of luck!

What you could try as a test, is to purchase an external USB wireless LAN adapter such as a Netgear N150 for around $45 US. Temporarily disable your internal built-in WLAN adapter via front panel switch, keystroke combo (<Ctrl-F5> or <Ctrl-F7>), or disable in your laptop BIOS. Install the software for the USB WLAN adapter and reboot your laptop. Retest with your phone and see if both networks will work. If they do not, your particular laptop does not have this capability and the only way to fix it is to replace the laptop with one that does have this capability. I suggest you call the Manufacturer prior to purchasing the replacement laptop as I mention above first! You can always sell the old laptop on ebay, donate to a family member or friend or needy organization. Just make sure that they don't intend to use it in dual-network mode as you are doing, cause they won't be happy with you.

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