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Hey there guys. So here's my problem :
I've been experiencing in the last 5-6 months a progressive loss of internet speed. I've called my ISP tech support and they told me to do a reset to the modem for about 10s. It worked lol. For about 1 or 2 days -.- Then it went to it's same position again, a low speed internet. My package grants me 10mb/s and in my isp speedtest it gives my the 9.75 mb/s of download speed it should give and a lame 0.20 mb/s of upload speed. The thing is that when im downloading stuff, it gives me a speed of like 67kb/s, when it should give me from 600kb/s to 1mb/s. I dont know if it can be the modem or the router but one thing is granted, im losing allot of internet speed. My modem is the ARRIS Touchstone TM502G and my router is the SMCWBR14S-N2.
The house internet is used by 3-4 people, but only 2 of them require more internet, because of the online games. Even though only mine requires more, because the other's games I dont think it requires too much bandwith.

What should or can I do to fix this please? If you need any more information please tell me.


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I basically get the same download speed is great avg 30.0 Mbps, but upload is no greater than .75Mbps, If I shut the router off for about 10 to 15 seconds then turn it back on them my upload speeds are back to normal about 4.0 Mbps
really do not have answer for the problem.


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A lot of companies likely use the auto line speed management, where they poll the averages and increase or drop the speed based on 2-3 days polling loops, maybe thats related to the issue.

To be fair its going to be very hard to get accurate speed info when sharing connections, there so many sneaky backdrop apps that use bandwidth... little stuff like automatic syncing for services, let alone malicious ones. Being on wireless rather than ethernet wires will also give bigger margins on the connectivity as the signal can be disrupted by all sorts of household things, mainly cordless phones and the like, even having neighbours on broaband next door with wireless devices can disrupt speeds, which requires changing router channels to find one with the least amount of noise... although thats a trial in itself as theres no way to gauge it's clarity.

As for gaming online, well as a very avid gamer... up/down speeds vary quite a lot depending on the games... some are optimised for small useage like 10-25k up and 20-50kb down but some can be 100-300kb down and 40-50 kb up, factor in things like having any chat programs like msn or skype, even networked folders syncing etc... suddenly theres lots of avenues for slowness on shared connections, add to that some routers perform better than others with regard to "overheads" when everyones doing stuff online, hell, even heat can mess with a router so make sure its vents are clean etc.

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Kay thanks. Im gonna try cleaning up my modem and router It might actually be that since we haven't cleaned it in the 1-2 years of use. Im the only computer that is connected through wire, with a RJ-45 cable. The other computer all use wireless.

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